City of Kahlotus

Date Visited:   Saturday, October 9, 2004
Visited With:   David & Randy
County:   Franklin

The City of Kahlotus is located in Franklin County in Southeastern Washington. It possesses the typical all-American small town feel, which is something I wasn't expecting to find in southeastern Washington. Furthermore, any town that chooses to name "Kahlotus",  the Native-American word meaning "hole-in-the-ground", has got to be a city with a great sense of humor. 
Franklin County
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27th Largest County - County Seat: Pasco
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Franklin County is an important area of irrigated agriculture and dry land wheat farming located in the southern part of the Columbia Basin of central Washington. Named in honor of Benjamin Franklin, Franklin County was created by act of the Washington Territorial Legislature on November 28, 1883.