City of Oysterville

Date Visited:   Sunday, October 7, 2001
Visited With:   Michelle & Ballard Jenn
County:   Pacific

The City of Oysterville is located near the north end of Long Beach in Pacific County on the Pacific Ocean.

I had been to this city before but my co-pilots (Michelle and Ballard Jen) had not and they were surprised. The entire city
is a historical district.  Each structure has a story and each story is present in front of the house by the current owners. There are only a few businesses in the city, one being the building that houses an extremely quaint General Store and the Post Office.  There is also a restaurant out on Willapa Bay which serves very good chowder. We spent about 30 minutes driving down Main Street, which by the way is the only street in town, reading the historical land markers, admiring the old church and gazing at the one-room schoolhouse.

While my co-pilots enjoyed the town, my diamond in the ruff was finding the post office. As you can see it was established
in 1858, which was a nice treat as this was the first post office I have visited that displays its opening date. Inside (as you can see through the window) were about 50 post office boxes and a very small wooden window where the post officer conducts daily business. For more info, visit  
Pacific County
Pacific County's Web Site
30th Largest County - County Seat: South Bend
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Pacific County is a land of tidewater plains and bays and Coastal Range hills at the mouth of the Columbia River in southwestern Washington. The county was named after the Pacific Ocean which it borders. Pacific County was established in 1851, being the third county to be created in the present Washington area.