City of Point Roberts

Date Visited:   Sunday, September 2, 2001
Visited With:   Sister
County:   Whatcom

Point Roberts is a very unique city in Washington State. Even though it is part of Whatcom County, the only way to
access it by car is via Canada.

My sister and I visited Point Roberts last year and had a great time getting there, which is half the fun. After entering into Canada at the Peace Arch Park Crossing in Blaine, it's about a 45 minute drive to reach the Tsawwassen Border Crossing
to reenter Washington State. Since Point Roberts is only a few square miles, it took no time at all to locate the post office.

Point Roberts has beautiful beaches, great restaurants and lots of shopping. From Seattle, the drive to Point Roberts
takes about two hours (not counting your wait time at both borders), so it makes for a great day trip.
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Whatcom County, a land of inland seashores, forested mountains, and the fertile Nooksack Valley, is located on the Canadian border of northwestern Washington. Whatcom County was created by the Washington Territorial Legislature on March 9, 1854. The name is from the Indian, meaning "noisy waters," given to Whatcom Creek on Bellingham Bay.