City of Poulsbo

Date Visited:   Sunday, October 14, 2001
Visited With:   Sister
County:   Kitsap

You don’t have to get on a plane to fly to Norway.  Nestled along the shores of Liberty Bay is a city called Poulsbo “Little Norway”. Poulsbo’s waterfront is the place to be for spectacular viewing of northwest coastal water birds and marine mammals. You will find unique specialty shops, quaint coffee shops and world class dining. Come stay the night, shop
all day, play all night, and find out what feeling velkommen is all about!

If you are looking for a new day trip, Poulsbo is the answer. If you live on the east side of the Puget Sound, Poulsbo is just
a short, scenic ferry boat ride away. With many quaint shops and tasty bistros, an entire day is needed.  And don't forget
to stop by the famous Poulsbo Bakery, right in the heart of downtown. Don't miss the Smiley Face Cookies there, I grew
up on them!!
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Kitsap County is a forested glacial till plain and a peninsular area located in the center of Puget Sound to the immediate west of Seattle. Two prominent land forms, the Kitsap Peninsula and Bainbridge Island, make up this maritime county of inlets and islands. Kitsap County, name for Indian Chief Kitsap (meaning "brave"), was created by the Territorial Legislature on January 16, 1857.