City of Quinault

Date Visited:   Monday, February 5, 2001
Visited With:   Denny
County:   Grays Harbor

The City of Quinault is, in my opinion, the perfect weekend getaway. I first visited Quinault in February 2001, but returned
in 2004 to spend a weekend at the lodge there. Quinault is at the end of the Quinault Rain Forest, which provides several different trails to hike on.  

The lodge itself is quite old and supposedly haunted. We didn't see any ghosts. The lodge sits right on the edge of
Lake Quinault, with most of the rooms possessing unobstructed views of it. 

I really felt a connection to nature and the true beauty of Washington State while I was in Quinault. And one final point, Quinault is only about 30 minutes to the north of Ocean Shores. We drove there one morning for breakfast and a round
of mini-golf. For more information visit:

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Grays Harbor County is made up of the Chehalis River Valley, tidewater plains and bays, and the forested uplands of the Coast Range on the Pacific Coast of southwestern Washington. This county was original incorporated as Chehalis County around 1858, then was renamed in 1915 by a legislative act to Grays Harbor County after Captain Robert Gray.