City of Waitsburg

Date Visited:   Sunday, May 11, 2003
Visited With:   Denny, David & Randy
County:   Walla Walla

The City of Waitsburg is a peaceful, manicured town. It doesn't offer much for the tourist in the way of tours, night
clubs or theme parks, but it does offer a sense of home.  

We took a few extra moments in our busy schedule to drive up and down some of the streets of Waitsburg, giving
ourselves a definite treat. We gazed upon several old-style homes with beautifully maintained yards. Lilac and Rhododendron bushes lined many streets, which were all in bloom.  

Downtown Waitsburg is only a few blocks long, but with some very impressive all brick buildings. Even though we
passed through Waitsburg early in the morning and the town wasn't "awake" yet, I still got an overwhelming sense of community pride. Everything seemed so clean and well preserved.  

If you take a trip to Walla Walla, take a few extra hours to check out Waitsburg. You will be pleasantly surprised.
Walla Walla County
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26th Largest County - County Seat: Walla Walla
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Walla Walla County is located on the Columbia Plateau and in the Blue Mountain region of southeastern Washington. Its unusual name comes from the Sahaptin Indian language and means "a place of many waters." The original boundaries of Walla Walla County, as created in 1854, included all the present counties of Washington east of the Cascades. The present boundaries were created in 1875.